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Recommended Food List




BS"D-Recommended list of The Kosher Consumers Union, Lakewood, NJ, 08701-0172 Up-to Sucos, 5767
NOTE: The inclusion of a brand for One product doesn't mean it is also included for a different product.


  1. Appetizers- Golden taste, Schwartz's appetizing.
  2. Apple Juice- Mispacha, Kemach, Gefen, Itzkowitz, Kedem.
  3. Apple Sauce-Mishpacha, Gefen, Itzkowitz
  4. Asparagus-Fresh only-Remove tips & all triangles.
  5. Artificial sweetener-Splenda, Equal, Sweetie (NO sweet & low).
  6. Airline meals-Meal mart, La Briute, Regal, Homilis from England.
  7. Airline Coffee & tea-Only from the wall mounted unit in galley.

  9. Baby food-Gefen, Bdatz Aida, Rav Landau.
  10. Baby Formula- ONLY J&J, Bdatz Aida. J&J
  11. Barley dry-Goya, Jack rabbit, Mispacha, Gefen (check in hot water first)
  12. Beans dry-Goya, Jackrabbit, Mispacha, Gefen.
  13. Beans canned-Mispacha, Gefen, .
  14. Beets canned-Mishpacha, Gefen.
  15. Butter-Mehadrin, J & J.
  16. Blueberries, frozen-Cultivated-All.
  17. Bread crumbs-Kemach, Ungar, Osem Bdatz Aida.
  18. Beer-Maccabee Bdatz Aida, US made w/ Hashgocha only.
  19. Brussels sprouts-NONE.
  20. Broccoli fresh, No florets, even frozen w/ Hashgocha-check stems carefully.
  21. Berries, black-None. (infested)
  22. Berries, raspberries-None (infested)
  23. Belgian carrots-
  24. Barbecue sauce-Mispasha, Golds, Gefen,
  25. Bagels- Bagel hole, Gelbsteins baked in Lakewood.
  26. Breadsticks-Kemach, Zetov.
  27. Bread- Korn's, Weiss, Podrogul's, Zisha's Monsey, Gelbstein's baked in Lakewood.

  29. Crackers-Manishewitz Tam-Tams, Liebers, Kemach, All Rav landau, Bdatz Aida, or Bdatz Mehadrin.
  30. Candies -Mishpacha, Bloom W/Volover, Klein's, All candies W/ Bdatz Aida, Rav Landau, Bdatz Mehadrin (No European, Paskesz, Bloomys)
  31. Canned pineapple-Mispacha, Gefen, Hadar, Itzkowitz.
  32. Cheese sliced, Haolam, ricotta, farmer-Mehadrin, J&J.
  33. Cheese cottage-Mehadrin, International, J & J.
  34. Cream cheese Sour cream-J&J, Mehadrin.
  35. Chocolate-Shufra's, W/Rav Landau, Bdatz Aida, Bdatz Mehadrin.
  36. Chocolate chips-Shufra's, W/Rav Landau or Bdatz Aida.
  37. Chocolate bars dairy-Shufra.Aida
  38. Chocolate bars parve-Shufra's,
  39. Chocolate pudding- Bdatz Aida, Rav Landau.
  40. Chocolate syrup-Mishpacha, Gefen, Hadar, Itzkowitz.
  41. Coffee whitener-Mishpacha, Hadar, Gefen. (even w/ tropical oils)
  42. Cranberries frozen-All.
  43. Cranberries canned- Gefen.
  44. Cranberry sauce-Mishpacha, Gefen, Hadar, Willmark.
  45. Cranberry juice-Mishpacha, Gefen, Kemach.
  46. Cranberry juice cocktail- Kedem
  47. Cranberry Apple juice-Mishpacha, Gefen.
  48. Cookies- Bdatz Aida, Blooms, Kemach, Not Paskez.
  49. Cakes, packaged-Reisman, Greens-parve only.
  50. Chickpeas, canned-Mishpacha, Gefen, Dependable.
  51. Cabbage, green-Freeze 48 hrs, thaw, separate leaves & rinse.
  52. Cabbage, white-bagged only-check on light box (usually clean).
  53. Cabbage, red-Usually clean-lightly checked on light box.
  54. Cherries, canned- Gefen.
  55. Cereals, dry-Kemach, Taanug, Gefen, Itzkowitz, Hadar, .
  56. Colorings-Pollacks, Gefen.
  57. Compote, Plum-Rav Schwartz from Vienna.
  58. Cocoa instant-Mehadrin, Gefen, Hadar, Itzkowitz.
  59. Cream of Tartar-Synthetic only.

  61. Dried fruits, USAOnly-Klein's, Season, sun giant.
  62. Dried fruits, foreign- NONE.
  63. Duck Sauce-Gold's, Mishpacha, Gefen, Hadar, Itzkowitz.
  64. Dates-Hardley, Hershey import W/ OK, Golden harvest.

  66. Fish raw, skin on-All, Wash knives, table & tools.
  67. Fish frozen- Skin on- Check for scales, wash well.
  68. Fish frozen filets-Skin on only.
  69. Fish gefilte-A&B, Royal, Freunds, Fishy Neiman's. Not Dagim.
  70. Flavors- Gefen.
  71. Flatbreads-Kemach, Zetov, Gefen.
  72. Freeze pops- Blooms.
  73. French-fries frozen-Gefen, Mehadrin.
  74. Frozen vegetables- (not Broccoli or Cauliflower) Bodek.
  75. Fruit cocktail-Gefen, Hadar, Itzkowitz.
  76. Fruit canned W/ syrup-Gefen, Itzkowitz, Hadar,
  77. Fruit canned, own juice-Gefen, Itzkowitz, Hadar,
  78. Flowers edible-NONE (infested)
  79. Fresh vegetables-After checking for infestation.

  81. Gefilte fish-A&B, Royal, Freunds, Neiman's Not Dagim.
  82. Glucose tolerance test-Criterion- Lemon, Orange, cola only.
  83. Grape juice-Carmel, Kedem, Hadar, Mispacha, TiRosh, TamPree.
  84. Grapefruit juice- Gefen, Hadar, Itzkowitz. Natures best
  85. Gum-Lieber, Blooms W/Volover, Bdatz Aida, Not Elite.

  87. Herring filets-Schwartz Appetizing.
  88. Herring matjes-Schwartz Appetizing.
  89. Herring in sauce-Schwartz Appetizing.
  90. Horseradish-Tuuv Taam, Golden, Flaums.
  91. Honey-Mishpacha, Gefen, Hadar, Lieber, Itzkowitz.
  92. Honey comb-None (infested with moth eggs,)
  93. Honey (royal jelly)-in health foods. None.
  94. Herbs-Dried only -All (Fresh from Israel, Gush katif, Alei katif)
  95. Halvah-W/ Bdatz Aida, Bdatz Mehadrin.
  96. Health Foods, Without reliable Hashgocha-NONE.

  98. Ice cream, dairy-
  99. Ice cream, Parve-Mehadrin, Klein's. (if no tropical oils)
  100. Ice sorbet-Mehadrin, Klein's.
  101. Italian ices-
  102. Instant mashed potatoes-Mishpacha, Hadar, Lieber, Gefen, Itzkowitz.
  103. Instant soups-Liebers, Gefen, W/ Bdatz Aida.
  104. Instant soup mixes- Gefen, Osem w/Bdatz Aida.

  106. Jams-Gefen, Hadar, Willmark w/ Rav Beck, Itzkowitz.
  107. Jello- Gefen, or W/ Bdatz Aida, Osem w/ Rav Landau, R&L, None of THE ELYON JELLOS.
  108. Juice, Tomato-R&L, Gefen, Hadar, Itzkowitz.
  109. Juice, Lemon- Mishpacha, Liebers, Gefen, Hadar, Itzkowitz.

  111. Ketchup-Mishpacha, Gefen, Hadar, R&L, Unger, Itzkowitz, Adirim.
  112. Kidney beans, canned- Gefen, Hadar.

  114. Lemon juice-Mishpacha, Liebers, Hadar, Gefen, Itzkowitz.
  115. Liquor-Carmel, Old Wiliamsburg, All W/ Rav Weinberg.
  116. Liqueurs-Sabra, All w/ Rav Weinberg, Carmel.
  117. Lox products-Banner, Schwartz appetizing.
  118. Leafy vegetables-No Broccoli, spinach or Cauliflower at all-Israel w/ Rav Via, Eden Katif, Bodek.
  119. Leben & yogurt-J&J-not the Swiss, Mehadrin. ( Straus contains Gelatin)

  121. Maraschino cherries-
  122. Margarine-Mehadrin, J&J.
  123. Marshmallows-NO ELYON- No Liebers, Nor any with fish gelatin.
  124. Mayonnaise-Mishpacha, Gefen, Hadar, Dependable, R&L, Itzkowitz.
  125. Mayonnaise light-Gefen, Hadar, Itzkowitz.
  126. Meat -Alle-Meal Mart, Monsey Glatt, Meal mart, Rockland kosher, Satmar butcher BP, Kosher Plaza Monsey, Jerusalem BP.
  127. Milk-Golden Flow.
  128. Mushrooms-Gefen, Dependable, Hadar, Itzkowitz.
  129. Mustard-Mishpacha, Gefen, Hadar, Itzkowitz.
  130. Maple syrup-Mishpacha, Hadar, Gefen,
  131. Marinara sauce-Mishpacha, Gefen, Hadar.

  133. Noodles-Adirim, Hadar, Kemach.
  134. Nuts peeled-Klein's.
  135. Nuts ground-Klein's, Liebers, Gefen.

  137. Oil, corn-Nut-Ola, Mishpacha, Gefen, Shemen, Liebers, Wesson, Hadar, Itzkowitz.
  138. Oil, Vegetable-Mishpacha, NutOla, Gefen, Shemen, Hadar, Itzkowitz, Wesson.
  139. Oil, Canola-Nut ola, Gefen, Shemen, Hadar, Itzkowitz.
  140. Oil, Olive-R&S, Hadar, Itzkowitz.
  141. Olives-
  142. Orange juice-

  144. Parchment paper-Neyon, Customary, Norpac.
  145. Pasta- Adirim, Kemach, Hadar.
  146. Peanut butter- Gefen, Hadar, Itzkowitz.
  147. Pineapple juice- Gefen, Itzkowitz, Hadar.
  148. Pitta bread-Damascus Bakery, Golden king, Yossies.
  149. Pizza, frozen-Mehadrin.
  150. Pizza sauce-Mishpacha, Gefen, Hadar.
  151. Potato chips-Gefen, Blooms.
  152. Pop corn-Golden fluffs W/ Klein Hashgocha.
  153. Potato latkes-
  154. Potato puffs-
  155. Potatoes canned- Gefen, Hadar.
  156. Potato pirogen-
  157. Poultry-Kiryas Yoel, G&G Natures best, Pella, Vineland, Alle, Marvad W/ Gornish & CRC.
  158. Puff pastry-Mazor, COR 326 if no tropical oils.
  159. Pilaf-
  160. Pancake syrup-Mishpacha, Hadar, Gefen, Itzkowitz.
  161. Puddings- Osem W/ Rav Landau.
  162. Pancake mix-Yitz's.

  164. Raisins-Gefen, Liebers,
  165. Rice, wild- USA w/ no additives, ALL
  166. Rice, Basmati-
  167. Rice, par-boiled-
  168. Rice, wild- unprocessed All.
  169. Raspberry syrup- Kedem.
  170. Raspberry jam- Willmark, Blooms, .

  172. Salmon, canned skin on-Salmon tov, Tasty, Gefen.
  173. Salmon, frozen-Skin on, All -wash well.
  174. Salmon, filet-Banner (if made in house).
  175. Salmon lox-Banner (if made in house).
  176. Seltzer, unflavored-All including Rokeach.
  177. Seltzer flavored-Mayim Chaim, Beer Mayim.
  178. Smoked white fish-Banner, Schwartz's, Tauber's.
  179. Smoked white fish salad-Banner, Schwartz's, Tauber.
  180. Sodas-Beer Mayim, Mayim Chaim, Coca-Cola coke with OU on bottle.
  181. Soap pads-
  182. Soups, canned- Gefen, Hadar, Itzkowitz.
  183. Soup bases-Osem W/ Aida Bdatz.
  184. Sour pickles-Bnei Dorom W/Bdatz Aida or Mehadrin.
  185. Spreads-Golden, Schwartz's appetizing, Pikanti.
  186. Spices-Mishpacha, Schiffs, Gefen, Liebers, Gel.
  187. Seasonings-Liebers, Gefen, All W/ Rav Landau, Aida Bdatz.
  188. Strawberries, frozen-Mehadrin, Bodek.
  189. Strawberries, fresh-Cut off top, 5-min. mild soap solution.
  190. Sugar, white-Domino, Jack Frost, major brands.USA only
  191. Sardines-Skin on- King of the sea, Gefen, Itzkowitz
  192. Sardines-Skinless & boneless-?
  193. Sugar, brown-Jack frost, Domino.
  194. Sugar, confectioners-Jack frost, Domino.
  195. Sugar, Vanilla-Gefen, Hadar, Itzkowitz.
  196. Sweeteners (sugar free)- Equal, Splenda, Sweetie, Zees.
  197. Soy sauce- Mishpacha,Wan-ja-shan, Gold's, Hadar, Gefen, Itzkowitz.

  199. Tea, instant-
  200. Tea, flavored-
  201. Tea, Herbal-Wisotsky
  202. Tea, bags-Wisotsky -All, (unflavored- Major brands).
  203. Tomato paste-Mishpacha, Gefen, Hadar, R&L, Itzkowitz.
  204. Tomato sauce-Mishpacha, Hadar, Gefen, R&L, Itzkowitz.
  205. Tomato ketchup-Mishpacha, Hadar, Gefen, Itzkowitz, Adirim.
  206. Tomatoes canned-
  207. Topping-whip-Mishpacha, Hadar, Gefen (Even w/ tropical oils)
  208. Tuna, canned-King of the Sea, Mishpacha, Gefen, Tasty tuna, Leviyoson, Rosenfelds, Not Dagim.
  209. Tuna steaks, raw- Skin on (if they get the whole tuna-uncut).
  210. Turkey-Kiryas Yoel, G&G Natures best, Vineland, Alle, Pella.
  211. Turkey products-Vineland, Meal Mart, Alle, All w/ Bdatz Mehadrin.
  212. Toffee candy-Liebers.

  214. Vanillin sugar- Gefen, Hadar, Itzkowitz.
  215. Vegetables, raw- Broccoli/Cauliflower stems only after checking, other vegetables requires trained eye for checking.
  216. Vegetables, peeled- W/Hashgocha & washed well.
  217. Vegetables, frozen-Eden, Bodek, Golden Flow (No Broccoli or Cauliflower).
  218. Vegetables, canned-Mishpacha, Gefen, Hadar, Itzkowitz.
  219. Vegetables in brine-All w/ Aida Bdatz, All w/ Bdatz Mehadrin.
  220. Vinegar-R&L, Kedem, Gefen,
  221. Vinegar, Balsamic- Kedem.

  223. Wine-Kedem, Carmel, Rav Landau, Aida Bdatz,
  224. Whiskey-Carmel, Old Wiliamsburg, Solomons, All w/ CRC/ Weinberg/ Aida Bdatz, Bdatz Mehadrin.
  225. Water, bottled-W /hashgocha only.
  226. Whipped topping-Mishpacha, Hadar, Gefen (even w/ tropical oils).
  227. Worcestershire sauce- Hadar- no anchovies.

  229. Yogurt & Leben-Normans,Mehadrin, J&J- .